Saturday, March 17, 2018

Spain arrests Colombia drug kingpin hiding in the limelight

Juan Pablo Muñoz Hernández, alias “Carlos Ciro,” used his jet-set lifestyle as cover for his role as the leader of an international drug ring.

He is the alleged leader of a transnational cocaine trafficking ring and was arrested on March 6 by Spain’s national police. Muñoz’s arrest follows a two-year joint investigation by authorities in Brazil, Colombia and Spain.
Muñoz lived a luxurious and opulent lifestyle as a business magnate, often rubbing elbows with celebrities across South America and Europe.

However, Muñoz’s travels on private jets, stays in luxury hotels and friendships with the rich and famous were all a cover for his real role as the “king of the European route.”

One of the blocks of marble in Belgium in which cocaine was found.
The investigation into Muñoz’s network started in 2016 when police in Belgium seized two cocaine shipments over 1 ton each hidden inside secret compartments in a cargo container of marble coming from Brazil. Muñoz has been wanted by Brazilian authorities since September 2017 in connection to that seizure.

He had eluded arrest by moving his center of operations to Europe and frequently moving between Greece, Italy, Spain and Germany.

With actress Carolina Guerra.