Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Cop arrested in raids targeting Hells Angels in Quebec

Police carrying out a series of raids targeting the Hells Angels in Quebec arrested 63 people, including a member of the Repentigny police. Carl Ranger, a member of the Repentigny police force, was among those arrested in Project Objection, an investigation of several members of the biker gang. Ranger faces charges of breach of trust, credit card fraud as well as trafficking in methamphetamine and cocaine.
Police seized 21 kilograms of cocaine, more than $2 million, bulletproof vests and 34 firearms. The squad also raided the clubhouse of the Hells Angels’s South Chapter, something that had not been done since 2009. Three Hells Angels chapters — Trois Rivières, South and Montreal — were sharing territories in the Outaouais and Saguenay regions to distribute drugs. The arrests came after five months of raids targeting Montreal’s North and South Shores.

Michel (Sky) Langlois, a founding member of the Hells Angels Montreal chapter, was among those taken into custody. Langlois was among the first to become part of the Hells Angels in Canada in 1977.