Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Drug dealer’s girlfriend gave the game away by wanting to be Kim Kardashian

Gangster's moll Emily Lock liked the high life. She really liked advertising her high life. She posted pictures of extravagant holidays, fast cars, and expensive designer items online. Her partner, drug dealer Mark Price - who claimed to be a struggling builder - funded their high-end lifestyle as he raked in £2,000 a week selling drugs in South Wales. He spent more than £100,000 on luxurious trips to Amsterdam, Paris, and Dubai.

Lock faithfully posted pictures on Instagram portraying their extravagant lifestyle. This despite the fact the discount supermarket worker earned less than £10,000 per year. Suspicions were raised after they shared snaps sunning themselves in Paris and Dubai, wearing Gucci sunglasses and designer clothes.
Cops eventually raided the couple's home in September 2017 and found a 110gm bag of 85% pure cocaine. Lock's defence told the court she became obsessed with living a Kim Kardashian life.