Wednesday, April 18, 2018

FBI recovers stolen Marc Chagall painting 30 years after heist

A Marc Chagall painting, stolen almost 30 years ago, has been recovered from a man connected to Bulgarian organized crime. The artwork "Othello and Desdemona," which was taken from a New York apartment during a heist in 1988. Depicting characters from Shakespeare's "Othello," the 1911 painting was one of a number of artworks stolen from the Manhattan home of Ernest and Rose Heller. Chagall is considered to be a pioneer of the modernist movement. His paintings have previously attracted large sums at auction.

The "Apollo and Venus" painting by 16th-century Dutch master Otto van Veen (1556-1629) was discovered in the closet of an art gallery in Iowa, and is likely worth over $4 million.