Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Genovese Mobster Ralph Santaniello pulls 5 years for extortion

Ralph Santaniello was sentenced to five years in prison for extorting a Springfield tow company operator in 2013, including leveling a death threat and smacking the businessman in the face. Santaniello's sentencing followed that of co-defendant Giovanni Calabrese, who was handed three years in prison in connection with the same scheme.

Santaniello and Calabrese were among five organized crime associates charged in 2016 with shaking down Craig J. Morel for "street taxes" three years earlier.
Morel told jurors Santaniello and Calabrese ambushed him in the fall of 2013, demanding $100,000 for the Springfield faction of the New York-based Genovese crime family. The figure was later negotiated down to $20,000 and Morel went to the police.

Santaniello, who has previous illegal gaming and loansharking convictions, has been held without bail since his arrest two years ago.
Vito Genovese in a police mugshot, 1946.
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