Monday, April 2, 2018

Inside the Mongrel Mob

A former chieftain of New Zealand's most feared gang has revealed its inner workings, including 'mega buck' drug deals, how members barked at each other like dogs and cried out the Nazi slogan 'sieg heil'. Toko Kopu, 57, joined the gang as a 15-year-old and rose to become president of an influential Mob chapter. The Mongrel Mob was formed in the 1960s. The group's name was purportedly born from the remarks of an angry magistrate, who branded a rebellious group 'mongrels' in court. They took it as a badge of honour.
'The mission (of the gang) is to be the meanest mongrel, or dog,' Kopu said. The group's strange rituals, including barking and their 'sieg heil' salute were adopted as what Kopu called a 'sign of disrespect' or defiance to the rest of the world, rather than a white supremacist message. Kopu has thrown his lot in with an organization known as Man Up, a community arm of Auckland's Destiny Church.

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