Monday, April 30, 2018

Kinahan gangster Naoufal 'Mr Couscous' Fassih

The multi-chinned Fassih has been jailed in Holland for conspiracy to murder and money laundering, after being arrested in April 2016 in Ireland and extradited to Amsterdam. Fassih, nicknamed ‘Mr Couscous’ is seen as a major figure in the global drugs trade. He has sinister connections in the US, South America and Africa.

The lardy thug, who’s also wanted in Spain for conspiracy to whack a Kinahan cartel rival, spearheaded a number of attacks on the Hutch gang while hiding out.

Mobster Daniel Kinahan
Largely thanks to the efforts of ­gardai, he was put on a porridge diet yesterday for his role in masterminding a failed ­gangland assassination. The target, Peter ‘Pjotr’ Raap, miraculously survived despite being hit six times when assassins pumped 36 bullets into his car near Amsterdam in November 2015. Five men convicted of the attempted hit were sentenced to between 17 and 20 years for the attack last summer. Prosecutors claim Fassih was the man responsible.
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