Friday, April 13, 2018

Manitoba Hells Angels do fraud on small businesses - Update II

Dale Kelland's, (Dale Donovan) latest is calling on HA and associates to fight back against what he calls 'discrimination'. He compares the 'no colours' policy to the discrimination Indigenous Canadians faced under the Indian Act 140 years ago. "This treatment of Canadians was wrong then and it's wrong now" he wrote.

Legal experts say what he is doing could be considered a crime. They say police should take a hard look at Kelland and the other HA who posted reviews. If they did it to threaten or intimidate a business, their actions aren't protected under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and they could be charged.
Canada's Criminal Code lists four specific organized-crime offences
  • Participating in the activities of a criminal organization (section 467.11).
  • Recruitment of members for a criminal organization (section 467.111).
  • Commission of an offence for a criminal organization (section 467.12).
  • Instructing the commission of an offence for a criminal organization (section 467.13).
Other criminal offences, including extortion (section 346) and intimidation (section 423) can be used to address organized crime activity.
Dale Kelland, (Dale Donovan) has created a global chitstorm with his vendetta against small businesses in Winnipeg that won't kiss his 1% anus. The CBC did a feature and so have news outlets in Australia and Germany.

It's fair to say the number of POed 99% is increasing exponentially for the image aware bikers, and that may have consequences.

Never would the powerful Quebec faction allow this manner of wholesale damage to the club.
When Dale Kelland, (Dale Donovan) heard his members had been turned away from a hotel for wearing their colours, he called on them to boycott the business. They obeyed. Supporters took to social media to express their displeasure with the Marion Hotel.

When the small Winnipeg business removed its Facebook page, the bikers and their friends then attacked the Marion Street Eatery, a restaurant in the hotel. Within 24 hours hundreds of people, most of them from outside Canada, posted one-star reviews on the restaurant's Facebook page, reducing its 4.5-star reputation to three stars overnight.
They later targeted TripAdvisor website. They said; "We refer to this type of fraud as vandalism, which we define as attempts to post fake, negative reviews"  The HA banding together to attack businesses with bad reviews is new.In 2009 Dale Kelland was sentenced to eight years in prison for his role in a drug trafficking operation and for trying to recruit gang members into a criminal organization.
Before attacking the hotel and eatery, Kelland and his supporters targeted the Headingley Sport Shop Ltd./ Indian Motorcycle Winnipeg.

Under Manitoba law, the Hells Angels are a criminal organization.