Saturday, April 21, 2018

MS-13 Leader “Reaper” Faces Murder And Drug Trafficking Charges

Miguel Angel Corea Diaz – aka “Reaper”, the East Coast crime boss of the notorious street gang MS-13 has been ordered held without bail. DEA officials described him as the “point man on the East Coast who would report to MS-13 hierarchy in El Salvador.”

MS 13 members would report for permission to commit murder. Electronic conversations intercepted showed he directed where murders would take place, methods of murder and even how deep graves should be dug. He allegedly ran the MS-13 “Sailors Clique.”
He faces charges of conspiracy to commit murder and drug trafficking. If convicted of the most serious charge, Corea Diaz faces up to 25 years to life in prison. An indictment alleges the 35-year-old Corea Diaz ordered beatings and killings and directed the gang’s drug operations in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Texas and elsewhere.

Under heavy guard in Nassau County court, Diaz pleaded not guilty through an intepreter. Officials say he’s in the country illegally after being deported once before, and was extradited from his base of operations in Maryland.