Saturday, April 28, 2018

Pennsylvania Darknet Fentanyl Dealer Jeremy Achey pulls Life

Jeremy Achey, 43, of Bethlehem, Penn., sold fentanyl over the 'Dark Net' using the screen name Etiking. He will now spend the rest of his life in prison after his drugs caused a deadly overdose.

A 24-year-old Orlando woman and her fiance bought the drugs from him in February 2017. They both overdosed — he survived and she died. DEA agents tracked Achey to his home in Pennsylvania from his bitcoin account.
Agents saw Achey drop off several items at a post office and went undercover to buy drugs on the web site called Alphabay Market. The “dark net” is an area of the Internet only accessible through the use of an encrypted browsing platform. Authorities said he sent thousands of packages of synthetic drugs. Federal prosecutors said Achey could be connected to 19 other overdose deaths across the country.

Achey was arrested and extradited to Florida. He was convicted in January on conspiracy to distribute and distribution of controlled substance analogues. The DEA said “To all those who feel safe hiding behind the dark web to dispense lethal drugs, you will eventually pay a high price for your actions.”