Saturday, April 7, 2018

Romanian gangster who fled to UK to avoid jail wins – because of 'human rights'

Cagefighter and mobster Adrian Preda, 36, was jailed for nine years in Bucharest in 2016 but was bailed to appeal his charges, including blackmail. He fled to London and used human rights laws to challenge a European arrest warrant. 

Now a U.K. judge has ruled against sending him home. The judge even said that the gangster could charge taxpayers £56 for parking outside the court. He was driving a £60,000 BMW.
Tory MP Tim Loughton said: "This judgement beggars belief and makes our courts the laughing stock of Europe. "How on earth can it be right that a convicted attempted murderer, who’s absconded from Romania, is now completely free to roam the streets of the UK based on a judge’s concern about the lack of cushiness of Romanian jails?"
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