Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Three Mexican film students killed, their bodies dissolved in acid

Last month, three Mexican university students were filming a school project when they disappeared. The last time they were seen alive they were being forced into a car by two armed men dressed as police officers in Guadalajara. The disappearance of 25-year-old Javier Salomón Aceves Gastélum and 20-year-olds Marco Garcia Francisco Avalos and Jesús Daniel Díaz, prompted protests across Mexico and drew outrage internationally. College students and others marched the streets of Guadalajara and Mexico City, demanding that officials bring the three young men home safely. “We’re students, not criminals,” they shouted. “Will I be next?”
After they were abducted, the film students were tortured and killed, and their bodies dissolved in acid. The students had no connection to any criminal gangs.

Members of Mexico’s most powerful cartel, Cartel Jalisco New Generation, may have confused the students with members of a rival drug cartel.
Authorities have arrested two suspects in connection with the crime and have issued arrest warrants for six others, all are believed to be part of a cell of Cartel Jalisco New Generation. The students’ deaths became the latest example of violence in a country that has marked its deadliest year in modern history, with more than 25,300 homicides.