Thursday, May 31, 2018

Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi to Testify at Salemme Trial

Convicted serial killer Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi — whose first public appearance in five years is expected next week — is a witnesses who can put accused murderers Francis “Cadillac Frank” Salemme and Paul Weadick at the scene of the crime.

Flemmi, 83, the partner of Salemme’s rival James “Whitey” Bulger, will tell jurors he walked into the home of Salemme’s ex-wife just as Frank Salemme Jr. was strangling Steven DiSarro as his father watched and Weadick held the thrashing man’s legs.
Francis “Cadillac Frank” Salemme Salemme suspected DiSarro was stealing from the mob's silent investment in his rock-and-roll club, The Channel, and ratting them out to the FBI.
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Cocaine ‘resurgence’ in EU as Colombian output and purity rises

A new report said water analysis, the presence of purer cocaine and increased seizures all pointed to cocaine becoming more available in Europe. It said there were increases of cocaine residue in waste water in 26 of 31 European cities surveyed in the last three years. The highest traces were found in cities in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Britain.

The agency said the purest cocaine in a decade was being sold. They estimated the European cocaine retail market at a minimum of 5.7 billion euros ($6.7 billion) in 2013.

Canadian hacker for Russian Spy Agency sentenced to 5 years

Karim Baratov, 23, pleaded guilty in November to nine felony hacking charges. He acknowledged in his plea agreement that he began hacking seven years ago and charged customers $100 per hack to access web-based emails. U.S. prosecutors say he was "an international hacker for hire" who did dozens of jobs paid for by Russia's Federal Security Service.
Prosecutors say Russia's Federal Security Service targeted Russian journalists, U.S. and Russian government officials and employees of financial services and other private businesses. Baratov and his lawyers said his work with the Russia spy agency was unwitting. Baratov claimed he could access webmail accounts maintained by Google and Russian providers such as Mail.Ru and Yandezx. He would provide customers with a screenshot of the hacked account and promised he could change security questions so they could maintain control of the account. He collected more than $1.1 million in fees, which he used to buy a house and expensive cars. Baratov has been in custody since his arrest last year.

He told the judge that his time behind bars has been "a very humbling and eye-opening experience." Baratov was also fined $250,000

Insta-famous bikie girlfriend freed, boyfriend not

Allaina Jones, 27, who posts photographs of herself on Instagram under the name of Allaina Vader, was granted bail in Queensland. Jones is the girlfriend of former Hells Angel bikie Ben 'Notorious' Geppert, 26, who has been refused bail. Geppert has been accused of harassment, drug offences and domestic violence. He threatened to kill a woman and her dog during a telephone conversation.
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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

NYC cops Stephen Caracappa and Louis Eppolito

Stephen Caracappa, one of the notorious NYPD "Mafia Cops" who moonlighted as a hitman for the Luchese crime family, died in federal prison last year. Caracappa, who was serving out his sentence at a federal detention center in Butner, N.C., died on April 8, 2017.

Caracappa and his partner, Louis Eppolito, 69, were sentenced to life behind bars in 2009 for committing eight mob-ordered executions between 1986 and 1990.
The city shelled out $18.4 million to settle seven lawsuits with the families of their victims, who included a diamond dealer the pair kidnapped and murdered, two Gambino made men, two Luchese mobsters and a mob-connected painters' union leader.

Eppolito remains locked away in a high-security penitentiary in Tucson where he too is expected to die behind bars.

Stephen Caracappa (left) and Louis Eppolito.
Stephen Caracappa and Louis Eppolito were two former New York Police Department (NYPD) police detectives who worked on behalf of the New York Mafia, principally the Lucchese crime family.

In 2006, they were convicted of labor racketeering, extortion, narcotics, illegal gambling, obstruction of justice, eight counts of murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Both were sentenced to life in federal prison.
In the history of the NYPD there have been many corrupt cops. Lt. Charles Becker, electrocuted at Sing Sing in 1915 for killing a snitch; Murder Inc. canary Abe “Kid Twist” Reles who went flying out of a Coney Island hotel window, while being guarded by cops (“Canary Could Sing But Couldn’t Fly”, the tabloids screamed); Frank Serpico and the drug scandals of the 1960s; Officer Michael Dowd who ran a dope empire out of a Brooklyn precinct.

Caracappa and Eppolito, though, were something altogether different. At $4,000 a month each, they were on permanent retainer for the Lucchese crime family.

Cops by day, hitmen by night they used police data bases to find turncoats, impeded investigations, and at $65,000 a pop, were killers.
The duo were given the contract to whack diamond dealer Israel Greenwald. He’d been cooperating with the FBI on an investigation and the mob was unhappy. Very unhappy. Caracappa and Eppolito got his address then snatched him off the street and blew his brains out in a Brooklyn warehouse. The body was buried in a garage where it stayed for 20 years until the dirty cops were ratted out.

Dope dealer and career criminal Burton Kramer dropped the pair in 2005. In court, he laid out a sickening buffet of murder, corruption and betrayal of public trust. Caracappa and Eppolito were both convicted of murder. Eppolito was sentenced to life plus 100 years. Caracappa received life plus 80 years. In April, at a prison hospital in North Carolina, Caracappa died at age 75 after a long fight with cancer. As he was dying he begged to be let out of prison. He was denied.

Hells Angels chief Salvatore Cazzetta sues Quebec for $2 million

A lawsuit filed at the Montreal courthouse by Salvatore Cazzetta, 63, a member of the Hells Angels since roughly 2004, involves a case in which he and 20 others were charged in November 2015. At least 15 people have since pleaded guilty to some of the charges in the drug-trafficking case, but Cazzetta challenged the case brought against him. Two charges were tossed out following his preliminary inquiry and, on Dec. 6, the prosecution announced it would no longer prosecute him on the last remaining charge.

Cazzetta argues he was denied bail and detained between November 2015 and August 2017 without cause because prosecutors did not reveal evidence that was dropped in their laps shortly after Cazzetta and the other men were arrested.
The leader of the drug-trafficking network was arrested on Nov. 19, 2015, and co-operated with police immediately. Within hours of his arrest, he provided a sworn statement, recorded on videotape, and was given a contract to work as a witness for the prosecution. According to the lawsuit, the witness told the police that Cazzetta “had nothing to do with Hochelaga—Maisonneuve” and that Cazzetta had nothing to do with his drug-trafficking network. Four days later, a Quebec Court judge began hearing evidence in Cazzetta’s bail hearing, but the statement the witness gave to police was not mentioned.

Because of this, Cazzetta argues, the investigators and prosecutors “did not act in good faith, rigour and the honesty required” by people involved in the justice system.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Former Canadian Passport officer Aline Zeitoune Guilty

A former Canadian Passport officer was found guilty Monday of breach of trust and four forgery-related offences for her role in a fraudulent passport operation. Aline Zeitoune was employed by Passport Canada for 24 years in its North York issuing office. She had moved through the ranks to hold the position of passport officer.

Between June 6, 2012 and Jan. 31, 2013, Zeitoune processed 24 fraudulent applications on behalf of people who were not who they claimed to be. The applicants were clients of Moshe Gur, who has already pleaded guilty in relation to the scheme and was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison. A sentencing hearing for Zeitoune is set for June 29.

U.S. Coast Guard lands more than 5,000 pounds of cocaine

A U.S. Coast Guard crew arrived in San Diego Tuesday to offload more than 5,000 pounds of cocaine worth over $78 million that was seized in Central America. Coast Guard officials said the Cutter Active seized the drugs in mid-May during operations in international waters off the coast of Central America. Six suspected drug smugglers were also arrested and are expected to be prosecuted in the U.S.

Once dropped off at the Port of San Diego, the cocaine will be turned over to the DEA for destruction.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Chicago mob boss John 'No Nose' DiFronzo dead at 89

The leader of the Chicago Outfit for more than a decade, John 'No Nose' DiFronzo, died on Sunday. The 89 year old had Alzheimer's disease.
DiFronzo was awarded his mob moniker 'No Nose' early in his career when part of his schnoz was sliced off as he jumped through the plate glass window of a clothing store window to escape after a burglary. Plastic surgery restored the mobster's nose, but the nickname stuck.

DiFronzo was part of a group convicted for the 1986 murders of Los Vegas mob boss Anothony Spilotro and his brother Michael. The so-called Family Secrets Trial led to indictments of 14 defendants who were affiliated with the Chicago Outfit. DiFronzo managed to escape the legal fate of many of his mob colleagues.

Michael (left) and Anthony Spilotro
As the upper echelon of the Chicago Outfit went to prison for life in the Family Secrets case, DiFronzo avoided further charges. He managed to hold the reigns of power well into his 80's.

$6 million in drugs seized in Florida Bust

Florida deputies seized $6 million worth of fentanyl and nearly $1 million in heroin in the largest seizure of the drugs in Okaloosa County's history. Fifteen arrests were the result of "Operation PayDirt" in Okaloosa County in Florida’s Panhandle after a 10-month investigation.

Authorities found 3.5 kilograms of heroin, 766 grams of fentanyl, a pill press, hundreds of diet pills, 45 grams of MDMA, and numerous weapons. Kevin Powell Jr., 33, was the head of the local operation.

Mexico arrests wife of 'El Mencho'

Mexican authorities have arrested the wife of the leader of Jalisco New Generation, one of the country's fiercest drug cartels, as well as a top lieutenant for the organization, setting the western state of Jalisco on high-alert for reprisals. Marines took into custody Rosalinda Gonzalez Valencia, the wife of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, known as "El Mencho," in the city of Zapopan. Gonzalez is accused of managing the cartel's finances.

Mexico has been hunting 'El Mencho' with greater intensity since the end of last year. Jalisco New Generation has a reputation for battling with government agents.
Police anticipate a "violent reaction" from the cartel. The cartel shot down a Mexican military helicopter with a rocket launcher in 2015, prompting Mexican officials to declare an all-out offensive against the group.
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Cocaine Kingpin Peter Atherton nailed at Spanish soccer match

Peter Atherton fled to Spain after Liverpool police busted his huge cross-country cocaine operation.

His fingerprints and handwriting were on ledgers which revealed his group moved up to 303kg of cocaine in just five months. But while on the run in southern Spain, Atherton just couldn’t resist watching his home team take a shot at European Cup glory. The 43-year-old was cuffed on a European Arrest Warrant on November 21st last year at the match.
Atherton pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply Class A drugs in England and Wales and was jailed for 18 years and nine months.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Dealers target Blood reserve when pension, welfare payments arrive

A life-and-death battle against drug dealers is being waged on the sprawling Blood reserve in southwestern Alberta. Canada’s largest reserve has been on the front lines of a fentanyl epidemic. Payments in the community are well known — a day after welfare comes out or a day after child tax benefits, and Canada Pension, dealers are everywhere.
Dealers who have been banished from the reserve simply set up shop in communities on the edge. They find drug mules, usually addicted band members, to carry fentanyl onto the First Nation and sell it. "We do have a lot of people who are in vulnerable situations and some of them don’t know how to deal with certain things” said a community leader. “We have dealers who come in from outside the community and take advantage." "It’s the big guys, the dealers, that need to be caught.”

Escobar's hitman 'Popeye' re-arrested

Jhon Jairo 'Popeye' Velasquez was arrested in Medellin. Popeye was in Pablo Escobar's inner circle and confesses he's committed 300 murders and ordered 3,000 more.
Velasquez was paroled in 2014 after spending 22 years in jail for plotting the assassination of a former Colombian presidential candidate. The slaying of the cartel-fighting Luis Carlos Galan during the 1990 presidential campaign he was heavily favoured to win marked the apex of drug violence in Colombia two decades ago. The cartel waged a bombing campaign across Bogota, Medellin and Cali, with many of the explosive devices planted by Velasquez. Escobar even downed an Avianca commercial jetliner in 1989, killing all 107 on board, because he believed Galan's political heir, then President Cesar Gaviria, was aboard.