Monday, May 14, 2018

Frank Sinatra’s FBI File

The Federal Bureau of Investigation tracked Sinatra for over 40 years, amassing a dossier of thousand of pages. Sinatra’s ties to known Mafia members and the underworld were many.

Sinatra’s FBI file reads like a guide to the era’s organized crime figures. Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana was a close friend.
There are accounts of gifts from Joseph and Charles Fischetti, brothers with the Chicago outfit who ran illegal gambling operations. There’s a Godfather-style appearance at an Atlantic City club as a favor for attendees of the wedding of the daughter of Philadelphia mobster Angelo Bruno.

There’s even documentation of the Mob exerting pressure on Sinatra’s behalf to release him from a 1951 contract. FBI agents also watched Sinatra carouse with Detroit mobsters Anthony and Vito Giacalone.
His FBI file never got him in trouble, but it reflects the power and influence of the singer.