Monday, May 21, 2018

Joseph 'Joe' Pirrello - Australia's Largest Cocaine Trafficker

Fisherman Joseph 'Joe' Pirrello, 64, pleaded guilty to masterminding one of Australia's biggest cocaine smuggling syndicates after he was caught by police surveillance. A two-year investigation led to police catching the group on Christmas Day 2016 importing 500 kg of cocaine at Brooklyn, on Sydney's upper north shore.

Seven members from the 17-man syndicate have pleaded guilty to being involved in the operation, which led to the seizure of 1.1 tonnes of cocaine and 32kgs of heroin worth $370 million. Pirrello was found to be the common link between the 17 members, after more than 100 meetings between them were surveilled by police.

Facebook accounts revealed lavish lifestyles of the cocaine smuggling ring