Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Pablo Escobar’s hippopotamuses

At his zenith in the 1990s Pablo Escobar’s vast underworld syndicate built upon the insatiable appetite for cocaine made him one of the wealthiest criminals in history. With income peaking at more than $30 billion, the kingpin spent lavishly on a sprawling estate. The excesses of Hacienda Nápoles included a zoo stocked with exotic animals transported from around the world. Relocation isn’t simple for the largest occupants of Escobar’s zoo: hippopotamuses, herbivores that are placid in appearance but several thousand pounds, territorial and dangerous.
Four original hippo inhabitants of Escobar’s zoo have gone rogue and multiplied to more than 40 animals — but the count could be 50 … or even 60. No one knows for sure.