Thursday, June 28, 2018

Anton Billis - Bat Boy

Recently found and what do we have here? This would be Mr. Anton Billis with a baseball bat, along with career criminal Michael James Giovinazzo. These two bums were photographed red-handed doing their 'standover tactics' with ex-cop Mr. Terence McLernon present in a vehicle. Billis lost his arsesome toughness (balls?) when the cops showed up.
Shortly afterwards McLernon's car was firebombed. No one was ever charged. Indeed Mr. Anthony Byron Billis, what you can't achieve through criminality you will through abuse of the civil court. Billis claiming McLernon is in contempt of court is an insult to EVERY Australian. Billis has a criminal record, along with an extensive history with Australian securities regulators. We'll be looking further into this 'man'.

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