Sunday, June 24, 2018

Edmonton biker shot steroid dealer in face to impress Hells Angels

Jason Richard Neilson was sentenced to 12 years in prison. He was given credit for 33 months served in pre-trial custody.
Jason Neilson, 45, was found guilty of attempted murder and several firearms charges after a judge rejected his argument that it was self-defence when he shot Adam Abumeita on Aug. 19, 2016. Abumeita said Neilson came over to his car, and opened the passenger-side door. Neilson was wearing blue rubber gloves as he put a handgun to Abumeita’s temple and fired. The bullet went into Abumeita’s jaw, shattering his teeth. Neilson tried to fire again, but the gun jammed.

Abumeita managed to get out of the car and ran to a nearby business where staff called for help. He nearly went into cardiac arrest and underwent surgery for his wounds, but survived. Both men were one-time Hells Angels “prospects” and were patched members of Tribal, a Hells Angels support club.
Crown prosecutor Richard Tchir argued Neilson should be sentenced to life in prison. “Nothing could be closer to an execution-style shooting,” he said.