Saturday, June 2, 2018

Mexican drug cartel killers dissolve 12 in a vat of acid, including three film students

Mexican investigators detected DNA from 12 separate people in residual fats found at a location where one of the killers confessed to dissolving bodies in sulfuric acid. The three students were unwittingly working on a film project at a house being watched by the Jalisco New Generation cartel. The house had once been used by a rival drug gang.
Christian Omar Palma Gutierrez is a 24-year-old rapper who built a YouTube channel with more than a half-million views based on songs describing his violent life of drugs and crime.

Palma Gutierrez confessed to working for the Jalisco New Generation cartel, Mexico's fastest-growing and most violent gang, as what the gang calls a "cook." By his account, for 3,000 pesos a week, he dumped bodies head-first into acid baths set up in water tanks in the yard of a cartel safe house.
He would come back after two days - after the acid had done its work - and open drain valves to release the fluid into the storm drain then remove remaining sludge to dump it in fields.

Some sludge remained in the bottom of the tanks, and that is apparently where investigators found the DNA.
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