Wednesday, June 6, 2018

SA Crime boss Samuel 'Al Capone' Maluleka lives large in jail

Leader of the Pretoria gang Team Volt SA, Samuel 'Al Capone' Maluleka has been living large at Kgosi Mampuru II Correctional Centre. Maluleka wears designer clothes in prison and inmates cheer him whenever he steps out of his cell. Since his arrest last year, two cell phones had been taken away but now he has another.

Maluleka was arrested after posting pictures and videos of himself on social media. Police seized a Z88 pistol and 15 rounds of ammunition. He is facing charges of armed robbery, possession of a hijacked vehicle and hijacking.
Sources say Maluleka, 37, does not eat prison food but orders takeaways delivered to him by prison warders. An insider confirmed that in prison it was common for some guards to buy takeaway meals for inmates and deliver them for a fee.

Departmental spokesman Singabakho Nxumalo confirmed that Maluleka had a plasma TV set in his cell.