Friday, June 15, 2018

Six plead guilty to HA related Montreal drug-trafficking ring

Six men, including two longtime members of gangs affiliated with the Hells Angels, have pleaded guilty to charges. Éric Paquette, 42, pleaded guilty to drug trafficking and to being part of a conspiracy.

Jean Winsing Barthelus, 39 and Martin Girard, 40, former members of the Syndicate, a street gang affiliated with a Hells Angels chapter in Montreal, pleaded guilty to the same charges.
Seven other people have pleaded guilty to charges related to the same investigation. That includes Alexandra Mongeau, the daughter of former Hells Angels leader Maurice (Mom) Boucher. She recently pleaded guilty to being in possession of the proceeds of crime. She admitted she was being paid a 'tax' from the profits generated by drug trafficking in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. She received a sentence she is currently serving in the community.

Montreal Mafia leaders Leonardo Rizzuto, 49, and Stefano Sollecito, 50, were charged in the same case, but they were acquitted earlier this year.