Friday, September 29, 2023

Wolfpack gangster Omid Mashinchi busted again

Omid Mashinchi has been hit with a lawsuit by the B.C. government seeking forfeiture of more than $190k in cash, high-end cars and jewelry. On March 16, VPD raided Mashinchi’s condo at 1011 West Cordova St. and found $191,010. They seized six Rolex watches and one Patek Philippe watch, two necklaces, three bracelets, keys to a Mercedes, a money-counting machine, score sheets for drug trafficking, three cellphones, a cryptocurrency wallet, and GPS tracking devices. In the storage locker for his unit, cops found fentanyl, more than 78 kg of MDMA, and more than 15 kg of meth. Also in the locker were four handguns.

Omid Mashinchi and fugitive Mo Rahimi
Omid Mashinchi last appeared here after being busted for money laundering in the U.S. Mashinchi has associated with B.C. gangsters for years, including leasing condos that were used both as stash houses and as residences. Mashinchi's leasing operations continued during his incarceration. Despite complaints that he was leasing 3rd party properties in buildings that didn't allow rentals, websites continued to send customers to Mashinchi's 'Residence Club'. It operated out of a townhouse at 867 Richards, three doors from a similar unit that Mashinchi bought for $1.5m.

B.C.’s anti-gang cops have come across Mashinchi and his properties often. For years Omid Mashinchi was associated with the Wolf Pack. He was a realtor with the Royalty Group from April 2009 until June 2016, when he gave up his licence. Despite not having a licence, Mashinchi continued to lease condos through the 'Residence Club'.