Monday, June 4, 2018

Wolfpack Realtor Omid Mashinchi Busted

Former Vancouver realtor Omid Mashinchi, 35, is behind bars in the U.S. charged with international money laundering. He appeared in a Boston courtroom last month and was ordered held. Mashinchi started at least three companies in B.C. since 2006, all related to the real estate industry. Mashinchi has been associating with B.C. gangsters for years, including leasing condos that were used both as stash houses and as residences.

Omid Mashinchi and fugitive Mo Rahimi

B.C.’s anti-gang Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit has also come across Mashinchi and his properties in recent years. For many years he has been associated to the Wolf Pack. Mashinchi faces no criminal charges in B.C. nor has any criminal record here.

He was a realtor with the Royalty Group from April 2009 until June 2016, when he voluntarily gave up his licence. Despite not having a licence, Mashinchi has continued to lease condos through the 'Residence Club'. Or Here, or Here

The “club” operates out of a townhouse at 867 Richards, three doors down from a similar unit that Mashinchi bought last year for over $1.5m.