Thursday, July 5, 2018

Burnaby Firefighter Union defending 'victim' Nick Elmes

The Burnaby firefighters union is pushing back against the firing of one of its members after he posed with three Hells Angels for a photo on social media. The city fired Nick Elmes on June 27 after an investigation into the photo and the association of his Florian’s Knights biker club with the Hells Angels. Elmes said the Burnaby Fire Fighters IAFF Local 323 was helping him fight the termination. (
“I’ve done nothing illegal,” he said. “I’ve done nothing wrong. They couldn’t find anything wrong I did other than I was in a picture with Damiano." (Dipopolo, senior HA).

Poor Nick Elmes. As it turns out he failed to tell multiple members of 'his' club of his high level Hells Angels connections and they have very quickly distanced themselves from him and his Florian's Knights. Once again the charity card was played by Elmes, despite the lack of proven quantum. There is no evidence on how much he collected from the public under the guise of an unregistered 'firefighter' charity.
The city of Burnaby, under intense pressure from virtually every possible quarter said ... “The firefighters and many city employees are put in a position of trust, and we cannot have any city employees involved in any association with a criminal organization, period.”

To clarify. Mr. Nick 'wannabe 1%' Elmes was invited to HA rides and thanks to photographic evidence, is and has associated with high level organized criminals. That's it, what is he denying exactly? This space wonders mightily why Elmes doth protest so much. Surely there's nothing to stop him now from realizing his dream to become a too proud 1%er, one whom our ridiculous laws don't ever apply.
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