Sunday, July 22, 2018

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen spoke at Black Axe hangout

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen provided a briefing at a Toronto restaurant that court documents have identified as a known hangout for members of the notorious Black Axe criminal syndicate. Hussen’s spokesperson said the minister was unaware of the connection to Black Axe. “we were not aware of anything.”

Black Axe has been exerting growing influence over the Nigerian diaspora in Canada. The group specializes in fraud but is also known for money laundering, car theft, drugs, and 'standover' tactics.
Suya Spot in North York
In 2016 the mayor of Ottawa called for the closure of Suya Spot in that city after two murders and four shootings. There had been more than 100 calls for police over 3 years at the restaurant. The mayor and police chief eventually got their wish as that location was shuttered in late 2016.

The Suya Spot has advertised in Uhuru Magazine, the official publication of the Neo Black Movement, and is often frequented by gang members.
The Suya Spot owner, Taiwo Ajala, denied his restaurant is affiliated with Black Axe.
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