Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Major crackdown on 'drug dealers in lab coats' nets 56 Louisville doctors

The US's largest crackdown on health care fraud netted 56 doctors — including a Louisville psychiatrist who prescribed a patient fentanyl. "We will not tolerate drug dealers in lab coats" said the DEA. The crackdown in Louisville and across the nation involved more than 600 defendants — and more than $2 billion in medical fraud.
Dr. Peter Steiner, a psychiatrist who ran a Suboxone clinic, faces the most serious charge: drug trafficking. In a federal indictment, investigators accuse the doctor of dolling out opioids that weren't needed as a profit spinner. "Healthcare fraud is nothing more than theft and drug dealing, though using complex techniques on a large scale" the DEA said.

Osmaro Ruiz is charged with opening a fake pharmacy in Louisville and paying a pharmacist to run it. He paid a businessman to sign the lease, set up bank accounts, and then paid the businessman to leave the country. The pharmacy billed for prescriptions totaling about $858,000.

In another case, two defendants set up two fake "virtual offices" and billed about $4.7 million to health care benefit programs for services never rendered.