Monday, July 9, 2018

Murderous Ex-husband betrayed by body language

A husband who hired a hitman to strangle his ex-wife betrayed his guilt in his body language as detectives peeled away his lies "like layers of an onion". Debt-ridden George Birchwood hoped to inherit £475,000 after his ex-wife's death - and made sure he was far away with an alibi because he knew suspicion would fall on him. The frail Sharon Birchwood was tied up and choked with an electrical cable at her home in a sleepy village in Surrey.

Police studied Birchwood's every move and noted how he squinted his eyes and touched his head with his hands - subtle clues he was lying. Eventually, after careful prodding, the truth slipped out ‘I’m £100,000 in debt and the main benefactor of her will.’