Thursday, August 23, 2018

Quebecers arrested as boat set ablaze with 1.5 tonnes Cocaine - Update

Martin LepageThe news of 1.5 tonnes of cocaine from 2 Quebecers has people talking in Rivière-du-Loup. Martin Lepage is said to be a man who lived large in the community. He and his wife were known to spend months overseas at a time and they bragged about paying cash for their new vehicles. Lepage and Langis Bélanger face 30 years incarceration.
They are detained in the prison of Ducos, Martinique.
On July 19, French border agents patrolling the waters off of the French Antilles in the Caribbean Sea intercepted a sailboat with a small blue fleur-de-lys.

Unable to board in 'difficult conditions' agents began escorting the sailboat to the nearby port of St-Martin. The boat burst into flames. Two Quebecers bobbed nearby in a life raft.
Police say they set the vessel on fire in an attempt to sink it.
Below decks of the badly charred boat they found 1,506 kilograms of cocaine, worth about $300 million on the Canadian market. The load was probably picked up off the coast of Venezuela.

Two Quebec men, 55-year-old Langis Bélanger and 53-year-old Martin Lepage are in a Martinique prison. They are from the Riviere-du-Loup area, about 200 kilometres northeast of Quebec City. It is said they have ties to the West End Gang and Raymond Desfossés. Desfossés was an influential leader in the West End Gang before he was arrested in September 2004 in Project Calvette, an investigation into cocaine smuggling into Canada.