Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Fentanyl Dealer Henry Koffie aka 'NarcoBoss'

In the darkest corners of the internet, Henry Koffie branded himself as “NarcoBoss” ... a mail-order businessman and 'nationwide drug dealer' who shipped packages of fentanyl across the US using USPS Priority Mail. Busted last year, Koffie is responsible for the overdose deaths of two men in Portland, Ore., and has been linked to overdoses in Florida, Idaho, Michigan, North Dakota, and Oregon. Koffie ordered bulk quantities of fentanyl 14 times from China and Hong Kong.

NarcoBoss filled more than 6,615 orders for fentanyl at $40 a gram. Federal agents estimated that during a one-year period, Koffie sold more than seven kilograms of fentanyl.
Online fentanyl sellers rely on cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. These virtual currencies are not subject to traditional financial regulations, making detection by investigators more difficult. Police admit there is no silver bullet that can be used to knock out the deadly trade on the dark web.

As for Henry 'NarcoBoss' Koffie, he is currently in the Multnomah County Jail without bond facing federal drug charges.