Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Fentanyl/Carfentanil Math

It has been reported that a fatal dose of fentanyl is around 2mg. Assuming a 2mg dose, a total of 5,000 street doses can be made from 1 gram of fentanyl. With a street price of $ 10 per 'bean' a gram of pure fentanyl will become 'worth' $50,000. By extension, a kilo of pure fentanyl would be 'worth' $50m.

The math gets strange with Carfentanil. Assuming 100X the potency of Fentanyl, a gram of Carfentanil would produce 500,000 retail doses. A kilo would be enough for 500,000,000 doses. (500 million)
Fentanyls requires buff which can be almost anything. Cocaine cutting agent phenacetin is often used. It was used and banned in the 70s as an analgesic and fever-reducing drug. Levamisole, caffeine, benzocaine, boric acid, acetaminophen, even rat poison, pig de-wormer and laundry detergent have been used.

In April 2017, Calgary police seized 83kg of phenacetin.