Saturday, January 28, 2023

Westridge HA William McCabe busted for cocaine - revisited

William McCabe, then 47, was busted along with 7 others in 2018. They faced numerous charges after being arrested for their roles in a cocaine distribution network across northern Alberta. Five kg of cocaine, a half-kilogram of the buffing agent phenacetin, cannabis resin, and a handgun were seized along with vehicles, motorcycles and $13k.

McCabe died May 14, 2020 before facing justice. He was listed as owner of Three Monkeys Tattoo where disgraced Dustin Swanson landed after killing an innocent man in Greece on an HA world run in 2015.
It was the first time ever for Alberta cops to lay an instructing a criminal organization charge against a current member of the Hells Angels. Police say McCabe was the “primary facilitator” of the drug network.
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