Monday, August 13, 2018

Honduran Drug Lord dressed up as a Red Cross medic to evade capture

32-year-old Honduran drug kingpin Jose Modesto Reyes Silva was finally arrested in a massive anti-gang operation in San Pedro Sula, when police discovered why he had evaded capture for over a year.

The FNAMP anti-gang squad revealed he was caught with a doctor's uniform, an official jacket from the Honduran Red Cross and a hospital ID card with a photo of himself dressed as a surgeon, using the name Romel Samir Acervedo. Silva, 32, had been on the run since May 2017, when 19 gang members broke out of Honduras' Tamara National Penitentiary.
The gangster's body is covered in tattoos, including the Roman numerals XVIII - after the name of his gang Barrio 18 - on his chest, and a gravestone on each shoulder.

In the operation to recapture Silva, in which two other gangsters were arrested, police also confiscated submachine guns, bullets and magazine loaders, and 12 bricks of cocaine.