Saturday, August 4, 2018

Oz Cocaine Kingpin Rohan Arnold denied bail over 1.2 tonne cocaine bust

Rohan Arnold, 43, has been denied bail after being charged with five counts of importing a commercial quantity of drugs. At more than 1.2 tonnes of cocaine, it was the second largest cocaine seizure in Australian history.

The stockyard director and steel importer was one of three men arrested following the discovery of cocaine hidden inside hollow prefabricated steel on a Chinese container boat in Sydney.
Unknown to the traffickers, the shipping container had been covertly seized by Australian authorities.
The 2576 blocks of cocaine had a retail street value in Australia of half a billion dollars. Arnold - along with Tristan Waters, 34, and David Campbell, 48 were detained at gunpoint in a Serbian hotel in January, where a bag containing $1 million cash was being exchanged.