Friday, July 27, 2018

Pill Mills - Doctors as drug traffickers

Former Delray Beach doctor Barry Schultz was re-sentenced to 157 years in prison on drug trafficking charges for operating a pill mill out of his office. A Florida appeals court ruled that a previous sentence of 25 years handed down almost three years ago was too light. Schultz prescribed as many as 20,000 narcotic pills, including oxycodone, between November 2009 and August 2010, to patients who didn’t need them.

Prosecutors called Schultz “greedy” as he was operating a cash-only pharmacy in Palm Beach and was pulling in $10,000 a week from his opioid trade. One man died.
In Maryland, Dr. Kofi Shaw-Taylor was sentenced to two, five-year concurrent sentences after pleading guilty to a charge of Medicaid fraud and another for conspiracy. The Attorney General said “Dr. Shaw-Taylor defrauded the state and helped spread the disease of addiction. Today we shut him down and will continue to prosecute others who choose to operate as drug dealers masquerading as legitimate health practitioners.”

In Atlanta, Dr. Gilberto Sanchez was indicted for operating a pill mill out of his office. Behind the brick facade of a family practice, Sanchez was operating multiple health care and money laundering schemes.
Sanchez was even running an addiction treatment center out of his practice ... as he was dolling out opioids.