Monday, August 13, 2018

'She showed me what love is meant to feel like': Bikie tough guy

A former Bandidos bikie president has revealed his softer side in a lengthy Instagram post after breaking up with his fiancée. Brett 'Kaos' Pechey announced his split with Gold Coast model Rikki Sutton to his 5,000 followers. They had been engaged since March. Pouring his poor heart out, he wrote: 'She showed me what love is meant to feel like.'

The break-up comes as Pechey prepares to face court for assaulting police during a suspected mental health break-down in March. Pechey armed himself with swords, threw a steel pipe at cops and launched an ironing board down the stairs at them.
Court heard he threatened to stab the 26 police officers at the scene if they didn't shoot him. He then tried to take his own life by consuming prescription drugs.