Monday, August 20, 2018

'Thieves in Law' start trial in New York

Aleksey Tsvetkov Aleksey Tsvetkov and Leonid (Lenny) Gershman are on trial in Brooklyn federal court for racketeering, extortion, arson, illegal gambling and a host of related charges. Tsvetkov and Gershman are alleged among other crimes to have set fire to a Coney Island Ave. building with children inside on May 2, 2016.
Leonid (Lenny) Gershman
The government’s star witness, Renat Yusufov, took the stand and fessed up to a life of crime — much of it, he said, in cahoots with Gersham and Tsvetkov. The Russian mobster said the gang pocketed millions of dollars over a 10-year period dealing cocaine in Brooklyn.

Wiretapped phone calls prove Gershman and Tsvetkov sold drugs and used violence to extort money from their victims, among other crimes.
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