Sunday, August 5, 2018

Top Russian Gangster busted in Spain - Vory v Zakone

Spanish police on Sunday arrested a man considered to be the third-highest ranking boss in Russian mafia and two other high-profile mobsters while they were meeting to plot the murder of a rival. The arrests took place in the Spanish city of Marbella, on the Costa del Sol. The three were going to restructure the crime ring that had been dismantled in June, in which 129 people were arrested, among them seven 'Thieves in Law' (Vory v Zakone) The suspects were planning to hold a 'Skhodka' (meeting). Number three ran the organization from Lithuania.

He had security and counter-surveillance personnel and used assumed names.
Criminals developed traditions in prison camps of Stalinist gulags. Those who followed the code — refusing to assist state authority, renouncing family, serving jail time and vowing never to make a living honestly — are 'crowned' as Vory v Zakone. Vory identify themselves through their tattoos. Each tattoo has a particular meaning. An Orthodox cross on the chest or stars on the shoulders indicated a thief in law, devilish figures represented communists.Spanish authorities arrested 129 in June
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