Saturday, September 29, 2018

HA connected Sebastien Vena whacked in Laval - Update II

Sebastien Vena was initially hit and ran to take refuge inside the Fusion restaurant. But his killer followed and finished his victim with a bullet in the head, before leaving quietly. An eye witness to the assassination describes the shooter as calm and cool. "The killer came real quiet, real slow. The guy tried to move, but bang bang, four times, with a gun with a silencer. It was a hit, professional. Then he went out," the man said. "He looked at me but I could not recognize him. He was wearing a mask, a black balaclava. And that's it. He went out, he walked the other way. Walk in, walk out... this guy, it is not his first kill."

Vena was said to be involved in drug trafficking with the Hells Angels, in the territory of Abitibi. Sources say he was closely connected to the Sherbrooke Hells Angels.
Sebastien Vena
The Sureté du Quebec is investigating an assassination in Laval. A gunman fired at a patron in the Fusion restaurant on Levesque Blvd., then fled. 46-year-old Sebastien Vena was taken to hospital where he died. Vena had convictions for attempted murder, assault, and trafficking. He had ties to the Hells Angels in Mascouche and Sherbrooke.

Half tonne of Cocaine seized in Solomon Islands

Two men have been charged in Sydney, and about 500 kilograms of cocaine seized in the Solomon Islands in an international probe. A joint investigation ended when 500kg of cocaine - a magnitude not seen before by the South Pacific nation, was discovered inside the hull of a Belgian-registered, 44-foot double-masted yacht moored in Honiara.
Zhen Tao Qi, 41, from Wahroonga is a senior syndicate figure, if not the head. Zheng Zhao, 39, is also facing charges. Qi and Zhao were refused bail. They are due back in court on Nov 28.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Witness to high level Soviet corruption killed

Badri Shengelia, 53, a key witness in a bribery case that has brought down several of Moscow’s senior crime-fighting officials has been shot dead in his car outside St. Petersburg.

He testified in court last February that he had paid Mikhail Maximenko, the head of security at Moscow’s Investigative Committee, $50,000 in 2015 to launch a criminal probe. Maximenko was sentenced to 13 years in 2018 for receiving a $500,000 bribe from a notorious mob boss.
Denis Nikandrov, deputy head of the Moscow branch of the Investigative CommitteeThe $500,000 bribery case implicated the former deputy head of Moscow's Investigative Committee, Denis Nikandrov, who was handed a jail sentence of 5.5 years in the case last month and his retired ex-boss Alexander Drymanov, who was arrested on the same charges this summer. Alexander Drymanov

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Hells Angels poker run in Kelowna hits speed bump - Update

It is being reported that the leader of the procession refused to obey police and proceed through a green light. This caused a traffic jam. The biker was issued a ticket for the offense.
Traditionally, the leader of the pack would be the president of the local chapter and that is Damiano Dipopolo. One hopes he pays his ticket promptly.
Dozens of Hells Angels and associates were pulled over by police on Kelowna's Glenmore Road Saturday, not long after the riders left the Kelowna Hells Angel's clubhouse on their annual Poker Run. Cops were apparently confused over the route.

"An RCMP traffic unit initiated a traffic stop with the lead bikers to address the situation."
The gang's Kelowna clubhouse, while still in use, is the subject of an ongoing BC Civil Forfeiture trial. It has dragged on for a decade and is scheduled to resume in December. There have been several police raids on the property over the past few years.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Turkey targets Necati 'Neco' Arabaci - Update

One of the most powerful and dangerous rockers in Europe is again on the loose: Hell's Angel Necati 'Neco' Arabaci, 46 was released after three months in a Turkish jail. Turkish police detained 37 this spring. Known as Neco, he was deported to Turkey in 2007 from Germany. Cop operations targeted accomplices of Arabacı, who once headed Hells Angels in Germany.
Police seized AK-47 rifles, pistols, bulletproof vests and drugs. Arabacı was accused of crimes from human smuggling to drugs, assault and extortion.
In 2015, Spanish authorities issued a warrant for Arabaci's arrest, valid throughout the EU.
He is accused of membership in a criminal organization, extortion, drug trafficking and involvement in brothels in Spain. Turkey does not extradite it's citizens.
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Sunday, September 23, 2018

3 men charged in $364m Ponzi scheme

Kevin B. Merrill
Kevin B. Merrill, 53, Jay B. Ledford, 54, and Cameron Jeziersky, 28, have been nailed in the case and are accused of using a web of lies, forgeries and fake documents to carry out a massive fraud since 2013, using the money to fund lavish lifestyles, including dozens of luxury cars, jewelry, high-end real estate and gambling in Vegas.

About $197 million of the money was used to pay earlier investors. The three falsely told investors they would use the money to invest in consumer debt portfolios, generating profit by collecting on the payments people made on their debt or by selling the portfolios. It was all rubbish.

Jay B. Ledford

Cameron Jeziersky
"We allege defendants engaged in a brazen fraud, deceiving investors to perpetuate their wrongdoing and line their pockets with ill-gotten gains."
The indictment seeks the forfeit of nine luxury properties, 26 supercars, one boat, an aircraft, a life insurance policy, diamond rings, and jewelry.

If convicted on all charges, Merrill and Ledford each face up to 262 years in prison. Jazierski could face up to 120 years in prison. Merrill and Ledford were ordered detained. Jezierski was released under the supervision of U.S. Pretrial Services.

540 kilos of cocaine found in donated Bananas

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) found nearly $18 million worth of cocaine underneath a donated shipment of unclaimed bananas Friday.

45 boxes of over-ripe bananas were donated to TDCJ from Ports of America in Freeport. Customs agents searched the boxes, and found 540 packages of cocaine in total, weighing 11,880 pounds with a reported street value of $17.8m

Mormon Claud R. "Rick" Koerber guilty in $ 100m Ponzi scheme

Claud R. "Rick" KoerberAfter nine years of court wrangling, including a dismissal and a mistrial, Utah real estate investor Claud R. "Rick" Koerber was found guilty of 15 counts of wire fraud, fraud in the offer and sale of securities and money laundering. While prosecutors call it the largest fraud in Utah history, Koerber maintains that he defrauded no one but ran a profitable business and was singled out by those angered by his radio show, "The Free Capitalist." Koerber used his businesses — Founders Capital, Franklin Squires Investments and Franklin Squires Cos. — as a $100 million Ponzi scheme from 2004 to 2008. Prosecutors said half the money was redistributed to other investors.
While investors thought their money was to be used in real estate investments, Koerber spent it on luxury cars, producing a low-budget Mormon horror movie and his own lavish lifestyle.

Friday, September 21, 2018

GTA gangland murders linked to mob war

Daniele “Dani” Ranieri was found bound and shot to death in a ditch outside Cancun in March. Another gringo in a country where murder is common. Cops believe Ranieri’s death is related to a gang war unfolding in southern Ontario between Calabrese crime clans. Ranieri's mentor was Juan Ramon Fernandez, a powerful figure in Montreal's Rizzuto crime family. Fernandez told a visitor in March 2013. “I want to make Dani a made man.” He was executed in Sicily weeks later.

Michael Cudmore is thought to be the triggerman in the deaths of Angelo Musitano and Mila Barberi. He left for Mexico after the murders and hasn't been heard from since February. Daniel Tomassetti also left for Mexico and has also disappeared.
Canada-wide warrants have been issued for 37-year-old Hamilton resident Michael Cudmore and Daniel Michael Tomassetti, a 27-year-old man from Ancaster. Police say they may have fled to Mexico.

Experts say it's a Calabrian/’Ndrangheta Mafia War, with cells of gangsters competing for cocaine routes and territory in the GTA.
Angelo Musitano was killed in May 2017, while sitting in his driveway. Mila Barberi was killed a few months earlier while picking up her mob connected boyfriend. Her boyfriend was also shot but survived. Jabril Hassan Abdalla, 27, has been charged with first-degree murder in connection with both deaths. He also faces two counts of conspiracy to attempt murder.Police said the deaths of Barberi and Musitano were the result of “the mafia.”
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2 VPD cops accused of being Nazi Bastards - Update

Two Vancouver cops are going to face allegations of mistreating people in the Downtown Eastside. The officers are known only by their badge numbers 3066 and 3108. The community complaint is being prepared by the Pivot Legal Society and is not related to the confiscation of pot items. At least 22 people have come forward with sworn statements about the cop's misconduct. Several allegations are of outright assault.

Chief Constable Adam Palmer told reporters that having pictures of the officers was completely "offside" on the part of Pivot.
The Vancouver Police Department is refusing to identify two cops at the center of a growing number of complaints about police harassment in the Downtown Eastside. A small rally next to the DTES Market was held on Tuesday with organizers collecting stories about the cops. Dozens recognized the men. They have a reputation for no respect or empathy.
The situation came to a head over the weekend, after the two seized cannabis products from the High Hopes Foundation dispensary at the DTES Market. The High Hopes Foundation distributes cannabis to help people get off opioids. The two cops have a notorious reputation within the community for being aggressive, belligerent, and harassing people. People having their belongings confiscated after being ticketed is common in the DTES
The massive raid net mostly pot extracts. A first class VPD cop makes about $ 95,000 per year.

Mark Desjarlais said he is trained to respond to overdoses and works as an overdose responder. He said that earlier this summer, he was responding to an overdose with an oxygen tank and a Naloxone kit when one of the officers grabbed him and dragged him away. John Betts said he witnessed one of the officers slap a man in the face after he lit a joint earlier this summer.

Fentanyl and 'K2' confirmed in Philadelphia ODs

Fentanyl and a synthetic cannabinoid, commonly known as "K2" — was found in a sample of the drug that health officials suspect caused another overdose spike in the city. Health officials said the combination turned up at the beginning of a surge that sickened at least 110 people and killed 7. Victims did not know what combination of drugs they were taking.
Many displayed symptoms not typical of an opioid overdose: hallucinations, repeated vomiting, and severe agitation. Many victims experienced the same in a July overdose outbreak, where overdoses spiked to 165 over a single weekend. 10 people died.

Synthetic marijuana is a mixture of industrial chemicals used to mimic the effects of THC. It is cheap and easy to make. The chemicals are sprayed on bits of dried plant material, packaged in colorful wrappers and sold.