Friday, September 21, 2018

2 VPD cops accused of being Nazi Bastards - Update

Two Vancouver cops are going to face allegations of mistreating people in the Downtown Eastside. The officers are known only by their badge numbers 3066 and 3108. The community complaint is being prepared by the Pivot Legal Society and is not related to the confiscation of pot items. At least 22 people have come forward with sworn statements about the cop's misconduct. Several allegations are of outright assault.

Chief Constable Adam Palmer told reporters that having pictures of the officers was completely "offside" on the part of Pivot.
The Vancouver Police Department is refusing to identify two cops at the center of a growing number of complaints about police harassment in the Downtown Eastside. A small rally next to the DTES Market was held on Tuesday with organizers collecting stories about the cops. Dozens recognized the men. They have a reputation for no respect or empathy.
The situation came to a head over the weekend, after the two seized cannabis products from the High Hopes Foundation dispensary at the DTES Market. The High Hopes Foundation distributes cannabis to help people get off opioids. The two cops have a notorious reputation within the community for being aggressive, belligerent, and harassing people. People having their belongings confiscated after being ticketed is common in the DTES
The massive raid net mostly pot extracts. A first class VPD cop makes about $ 95,000 per year.

Mark Desjarlais said he is trained to respond to overdoses and works as an overdose responder. He said that earlier this summer, he was responding to an overdose with an oxygen tank and a Naloxone kit when one of the officers grabbed him and dragged him away. John Betts said he witnessed one of the officers slap a man in the face after he lit a joint earlier this summer.