Friday, September 21, 2018

Cell phone records sink auto fraudster

Parker Winterbottom, 22 at the time, reported to police in October 2011 that his 2006 Ford F-150 truck had been stolen. Days later, police located the truck in a remote site east of Mission, B.C., where it had been destroyed by fire. Winterbottom made an insurance claim for the truck. Only Winterbottom’s cell phone records exposed his fraudulent insurance claim.Winterbottom’s cell phone utilized a cell tower that serviced the same rural area where the burned-out truck was found.
The judge found his sworn testimony unreliable. Winterbottom's lies piled up on him. He agreed he woke up at 10am, but he could not explain how that reconciled with the five cell phone calls made from his phone between 8:39am and 9:43am. He said he could not remember them. Critically, his testimony about where he was contradicted the evidence of his cell phone records.

Auto insurance fraud is singled out as one of the leading causes for high insurance rates.