Friday, September 21, 2018

'Drug Llama' Melissa Scanlan - Boss of darknet fentanyl network

The "Drug Llama", Melissa Scanlan, 31, is to face federal charges in Illinois that allege she shipped more than 50,000 pills nationwide since October 2016. Her dark net operation is believed to have killed at least two in California, a 10-month-old boy and a 41-year old woman. The child died when his father left Scanlan's fentanyl unattended.

When cops busted her San Diego home, she admitted to obtaining drugs from a Mexican cartel. Her specialty was fentanyl pills, she called “pressed blues,” which were disguised as oxycodone. Pressed blues weren't the only product on her menu. The Drug Llama also offered “genuine” oxycodone, amphetamine, morphine, Percocet, temazepam, flexeril, and an “opiate powder pack.”
Scanlan was arrested in early August. She was released from custody a few weeks later, and promptly went to Mexico for new supplies of fentanyl. Scanlan describes herself as a “young professional that specializes in Operations Management for Start-up, Small, and Mid-Size Business.”