Monday, September 3, 2018

Fentanyl offered by four out of five doctors in Australia

When you think of drug addicts, odds are you think of junkies shooting up in a dirty alley after scoring from their scumbag drug dealer. For anyone in Australia who wants to score fentanyl all they have to do is tell a doctor they have a sore back. Australia's '60 minutes' went doctor shopping. Naturally if fentanyl was hard to get there would be no story. No physical exam, no Medicare card, no ID, and this fentanyl prescription took 15 minutes.
The man who went doctor shopping was prescribed opioids by four out of five doctors he visited, and he was often in and out in less than 30 minutes. The growing number of fentanyl addicts in Australia aren't yet your typical "druggies” – they are often ordinary people who have been injured and thereafter find themselves hooked on a painkiller a hundred times stronger than morphine. That’s precisely what happened to Angus McGivern – a young rugby player from the Gold Coast who injured his back, and then quickly formed a habit that, like so many others, leads only to death. Australian authorities are creating a market for illicit fentanyl DESPITE the fentanyl crisis in North America. Given the world's highest prices for cocaine it's only a matter of time before Australians die en mass from ridiculously cheap fentanyl as well.