Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Albert Iavarone whacked in Hamilton - Update II

Hamilton Police released surveillance video from the area where Albert Iavarone was killed on September 13, 2018, around 9.55 p.m. The vehicle is believed to be a light coloured SUV or Crossover. Anyone with information can contact Detective Jason Cattle at 905-546-4167
Angelo MusitanoThe targeted murder of Albert Iavarone is Mafia retaliation for the unsolved 2017 killing of Angelo Musitano according to a former Hamilton organized crime cop. “This is not finished,” tweeted Paul Manning. The killer hid in bushes and lay in wait for Iavarone.
Paul Manning under cover in 2006
Police said a 'mob boss' has been gunned down in Ancaster. The man has been identified as Albert Iavarone. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

“Mr. Iavarone has no criminal record but he is known to police because he is associated to individuals involved in organized crime in the Hamilton area.”