Saturday, September 1, 2018

UK Cop-killer Dale Cregan ‘back in jail’ after four years in mental hospital

Dale Cregan was moved back to Manchester Prison from the high-security Ashworth Hospital this spring, where he bragged of playing snooker, tennis and cooking pizza. Cregan went on a hunger strike and convinced doctors he was insane in order to get into the hospital. It turns out a mystery mob boss — behind bars himself — offered £20,000 to anyone who takes out his remaining eye, or kills him. Cregan, 34, murdered two gang rivals in Manchester in 2012 before a fatal gun and grenade ambush on two police officers. He was given a "whole life" sentence after a £5million trial.Manchester's Strangeways jail
Cregan bragged to friends he lost his eye in a fist fight in Thailand but police believe it was 'plucked out' with a knife. Cregan wears a black false onyx eye in his empty socket, using it to enhance his reputation.

Cregan decided in advance he would kill the police, and took the lives of PC Fiona Bone and PC Nicola Hughes after calling 999 claiming there was a burglary where he was hiding. Cregan fired 32 times and threw a hand grenade. He dropped his Glock handgun beside the dying officers before speeding away.
Hand grenades were his calling card. Police found 10 M75 grenades from the former Yugoslavia. M75 grenades were used in several attacks by a crime gang in Merseyside before Cregan was finally caught. Police said Dale Cregan wanted to be seen as a 'folk hero' to the criminal underworld by killing police. Part of the killer’s plan was to hand himself in before he could be drawn into a shootout with armed officers.

It was reported last month that Cregan has hired protection behind bars. Cregan believes he will be given a "Colombian neck-tie". The "Colombian neck-tie" sees the victim have their throat slashed and their tongue pulled through the hole.
It appears Cregan's days of carefree art and music workshops, pottery and cooking classes, plus bingo socials and film nights is over.