Thursday, October 11, 2018

Bronx Drive-thru mob hit was "like in the movies" - Update

Bloods gangster Bushawn “Shelz” Shelton, 34, is named in a Brooklyn federal court complaint that charges him with conspiring to murder Sylvester Zottola, 71 and his son. Authorities suspect the hit was ordered by Albanian gangsters looking to take over an illegal gambling racket involving “Joker Poker” video games that Zottola ran.

The case against Shelton is based on claims from an unidentified cooperating witness who says Shelton paid him to serve as the hitman, and who has pleaded guilty to crimes including murder-for-hire conspiracy.
The slaying of a Bonnano mobster at the drive-thru of a Bronx McDonald’s was a scene straight out of Hollywood — with a gunman sprinting up to his car and blasting bullets through the window. Sylvester Zottola
“I saw the body. His head was hanging outside the window. Of course there was blood. You take two shots to your head. It was dripping in the floor. It was disgusting.”

Zottola's son was shot repeatedly outside his home in New York on July 11. Salvatore Zottola, 41, survived the attack, which was captured on surveillance video.

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