Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Francesco Del Balso charged with threatening reporter - Update

A clip from CBC's The Fifth Estate - Crime Pays (Montreal's Rizzuto Clan)
If there's one thing Francesco Del Balso is 'good' at, it's threats. Project Colisée, a lengthy police investigation into the Montreal Mafia, provided recorded conversations involving Del Balso issuing threats. Last week Del Balso is said to have issued a threat toward reporter Felix Séguin.

Del Balso made a request at the Drummondville courthouse to have a peace bond imposed on the reporter. The mobster ran his mouth after his request was rejected.
He told a prosecutor at the courthouse that: “I can take care of (Séguin) myself. I will put him in a container.” Del Balso was charged with making a threat and with intimidating a journalist to prevent him from reporting on a criminal organization, a Criminal Code offence that carries a maximum sentence of 14 years. Last month Séguin did a story on Del Balso, who was shaking down Italian restaurants for protection money.
Del Balso is technically still serving the 11-year sentence he received from Project Colisée, including conspiracy to commit extortion, gangsterism, tax evasion and cocaine trafficking. He was out on statutory release.

Del Balso now faces the possibility of being returned to a federal penitentiary to serve out his time for having violated terms of his release.
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