Tuesday, October 30, 2018

HA Michael Gallant busted at clubhouse with oxycodone

Niagara police were called to Garner Road south of McLeod Road to what police say is a Hells Angels clubhouse. Michael Gallant, 24, is charged with mischief under $5,000, possession for trafficking, and assault.

Cops arrested Gallant after seizing a large quantity of suspected oxycodone. He was under the influence of "an intoxicating substance" and was taken to hospital. He was to appear in court in St. Catharines for a bail hearing.
This is all bad for the club. For some time the HA has distanced itself from trafficking fentanyls. That reputation is in jeopardy.

It is also frowned upon to bring disgrace to a clubhouse, something Gallant apparently did with gusto. To some, this 24 year-old ought not be wearing the patch at all.