Monday, January 20, 2020

‘Judas handshake’ of Cornelius Price - Update II

A manhunt is under way for a major Drogheda feud criminal who is also suspected of involvement in the gruesome murder of Keane Mulready-Woods. Gardai are closely watching Dublin Airport and Port amid fears that the criminal would flee to England. It emerged that a dispute over a pair of flip-flops may have led to the brutal murder and dismemberment of Mulready-Woods. A pair of flip-flops was found in the bag containing the limbs of Mulready-Woods. The gangster has links to drug dealer Richie Carberry, who was gunned down in his driveway in November. His murder was on the orders of a drug boss and associate of Cornelius Price. Price's gang is at war with their Drogheda opposition.
On Jan 13 a bag of human limbs was discovered on a residential road in Coolock, north Dublin. A head and other remains were found in a burning car in Dublin’s north inner city. The body was identified as Keane Mulready-Woods, 17.

A search was carried out on the compound of gang boss Cornelius Price, who has close links to the victim. Numerous knives were found at the bloody scene. Police are investigating the role of the 35-year-old Dublin criminal in the murder. The "psychopath" chief suspect was spotted by officers drinking in a local pub on the day after the murder.
Cornelius PriceIrish Mob boss Cornelius Price set up the hitman, believed to have been behind at least six gangland shootings. Price and two other inmates approached him in Cork Prison. Price shook his hand and held on to it while two thugs stabbed him. He needed 29 stitches. He is under investigation for several recent murders including that of fellow assassin Ken Finn in Coolock.
Ken Finn
Finn was the chief suspect in the murder of Real IRA leader Alan Ryan, who was blasted several times in the head in 2012.