Tuesday, October 9, 2018

UK Drug kingpin Paula White ordered to pay back £1.7m

Jailed drug baron Paula White, 49, who lived a millionaire's life thanks to a lucrative trade in 'legal highs' has been ordered by a judge to pay back £1.7m of her loot or face more time behind bars. White masterminded a mail order trade worth around £4m when she was busted in 2013. Police seized assets, some hidden in Spain and Tanzania, as part of the investigation.

A court ruled they must be handed over or her jail sentence will be extended.
A court made a £12m confiscation order, reflecting the total figure White made from her crime.She had some 18,500 regular customers - and made up to 90,000 sales involving 313 kg of narcotics. She began selling the drugs in 2010 and continued after they were banned in April 2010. Her gang exported mephedrone and 35 other similar party drugs.

White used the funds from her website to buy a villa in Spain, dozens of properties in the UK, along with a fleet of expensive cars. She was jailed for 9 years in 2015.