Friday, November 30, 2018

Germans make massive cocaine drug busts in Hamburg

Cops in Hamburg announced a series of massive drug busts. The most recent was made in early November, when officers found 300 kilograms (661 pounds) of cocaine hidden behind a large shipment of dental floss. The discovery was made after x-raying the container, which had been shipped from the Dominican Republic. Customs officials said the cocaine was worth around €63 million ($71.6 million).

Cops found another 100 kilograms of "ultra-pure" cocaine that was stashed in an imported Volkswagen (VW) T2 camper van.

Earlier, police announced they uncovered over one ton of the drug in a truck located on the site of a freight forwarding company. Shortly before that find, customs officers found 200 kilograms of cocaine in a shipping container loaded with coffee.

The northern German port is the largest and busiest in the country.
The drugs were found a lime-green, 1974 VW camper van that had been shipped to Hamburg in a container from Brazil. Traffickers welded a false bottom in place beneath the rear seat, stowing the drugs in the hidden compartment beneath the floor of the vehicle.
German police have seized more than 7 metric tons of cocaine this year. Germany had been inundated by a "flood of cocaine" from South America, said a senior law enforcement agent.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Paul King Jin - Transnational Crime Kingpin

A review of civil forfeiture cases, and numerous individual car accident and ICBC claims cases, points to a network of individuals with connections to Paul King Jin, the suspect at the center of RCMP’s investigation into money laundering in B.C. casinos.
Property at 7611 No. 5 Rd. in Richmond is registered to Guo Tai Shi, a VIP Chinese gambler and 'client' of Paul King Jin.

BCLC documents allege that 36 VIP gamblers, mostly from China, were linked to massive cash drops from Jin’s network. In 2014, one high-roller was able to take $645,000 in small bills and buy gambling chips at River Rock Casino. Land title records show the man has a $14-million house near the Point Grey Country Club.

Unclaimed suitcase held $ 1.3m in Cocaine

An unclaimed suitcase found Nov. 21 at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City contained cocaine worth about $1.3 million.

The suitcase arrived from Quito, Ecuador, and was packed with 38 large cocaine bricks.

Jarrod Bacon out on statutory release - Update

The parole board had nada good to say about Bacon’s behavior in prison, including that he maintained ties with inmates known to be linked to the Hells Angels and that he has had an “ongoing influence in the gang environment.”

They spanked him further for having "cognitive distortions." What it all means is another 6 months in a halfway house at an undisclosed location.
In breaking 'news' it was finally revealed Jarrod Bacon had been released from custody this summer. The ridiculous delay is being blamed on a 'glitch'. His statutory release comes with a number of conditions because he is considered "a high public safety risk."

The high profile gangster was released on June 14, 2018.
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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Organic Chemistry can defeat any fentanyl agreement

While Trump touts an agreement with China on fentanyl there is a power that neither nation can top - organic synthesis. Organic synthesis is the science of converting one molecule to another by using specific chemical reactions to bring about the desired transformation.

Fentanyl itself is the product of organic synthesis; it was first made by chemist Paul Jannsen in 1960. Jannsen would become famous for forming Jannsen Pharmaceuticals, which is now part of Johnson and Johnson.

Despropionylfentanyl for sure isn't fentanyl; it is listed as an "irritant" by Matix Scientific, a supplier of the chemical. It is not an opioid even though it may "look" like one. There is no way of anticipating and listing all possible fentanyl analogs because the number is infinite.
The problem is the term "fentanyl-related substances," which is another way of saying fentanyl analogs.

There is no way to define what this term means. Does it mean drugs that are structurally similar to fentanyl? Or does it mean drugs with the properties of fentanyl that can be put on a list and declared to be illegal? The first definition is subjective and will give wrong answers. The second is impossible.
The DEA says that there are about a dozen known fentanyl analogs that are now being circulated in the US. This does not even begin to scratch the surface of what could be synthesized.
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Anthony Getschel pleads guilty in death of former UFC fighter Ryan Jimmo

On November 26th, Anthony Getschel pleaded guilty to manslaughter for his involvement in the June 26, 2016, hit-and-run that resulted in the death of former UFC fighter Ryan Jimmo.

Jordan Wagner, was charged with being an accessory after the fact as investigators believe he may have been in the passenger seat of the truck that struck Jimmo. Anthony Getschel, 23, was charged with second-degree murder, negligence causing death, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death and failing to stop at the scene of an accident. Jimmo was involved in a verbal altercation before he was hit by the vehicle. The men in the truck, Anthony Getschel and Jordan Wagner, fled but were arrested less than a week later.

Anthony Getschel, right, Jordan Wagner center
Ryan Jimmo proposed to his girlfriend Roxie Reece, hours before he was fatally struck by two assailants in a truck at a parking lot in Edmonton.

Reece said they came from the movies where Jimmo had proposed to her, and were on their way home when the truck began tailgating them. "So we took a left to let them go by. They followed Ryan even more close. And so now he and I were both like 'OK what's going on?' And then he took the first right into that parking lot … I had no clue where we were at," Reece recalled. "So these guys pulled up real close right behind Ryan, almost as if they were going to hit us, and we both felt nervous. And Ryan felt the need to do something because we didn't want them following us out of there. It was kind of scary. There was something not right there and I didn't know what was going on."

After a conversation, the two men hit Jimmo, then sped off. Jimmo was rushed to a hospital, but was pronounced dead hours later due to blunt force trauma.

Anthony Getschel
Police in Edmonton have charged two people in the hit-and-run death of former UFC fighter Ryan Jimmo. Jimmo was fatally injured early Sunday following a verbal argument that escalated into a fight in the parking lot of a bar. Jimmo died from blunt force trauma after being run over by a vehicle.

Anthony Getschel, 23, faces several charges, including second-degree murder and criminal negligence causing death. Jordan Wagner, 21, is charged with accessory after the fact to murder.

Ryan Jimmo with his mother Linda in July 2010
Edmonton police are investigating the hit-and-run death of former UFC fighter Ryan Jimmo. Investigators say Jimmo, 34, was fatally injured early Sunday morning following an altercation in a parking lot.

Police say he had approached the driver of a vehicle and was walking back to his own car when he was struck by a truck, which then fled the scene.
Jimmo was pronounced dead in hospital. Jimmo went 19-5 in his MMA career, with a 3-4 record in seven UFC fights

Police agent Plante still a pain to Hells Angels

Plante wears HA support gear.Micheal Plante is testifying at the civil forfeiture trial of 3 Hells Angels clubhouses in B.C. The Court heard recordings he had with Hells Angels more than 14 years ago. Plante was paid $1 million for his undercover work in project E-Pandora and for testifying at a series of criminal trials.

He pulled in another $80k to testify in the civil proceedings against the Hells Angels.

$50,000 bounty for Musitano killers

Cops are offering a $50,000 cash reward for information leading to the arrest of two suspects in the murder of mob scion Angelo Musitano. Musitano, 39, was gunned down in the driveway of his home on May 2, 2017.

Detectives said the Musitano homicide was linked to the March 14, 2017 murder of Mila Barberi and the attempted murder of her mob connected boyfriend Saverio Serrano. Jabril Abdalla was arrested. Canada-wide arrest warrants were issued for the arrests of Michael Graham Cudmore and Daniel Mario Tomassetti.
Michael Cudmore flew to Cancun in May 2017 and Daniel Tomassetti in January 2018. Neither has been seen nor heard from since.
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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Mafia’s alleged new mob boss Settimo Mineo arrested in Sicily

Italian police have arrested the suspected new head of the Sicilian mafia and 45 other alleged mobsters in a major blow to organized crime. Among those arrested was Settimo Mineo, an 80-year-old jeweller suspected of heading local mafia families in the Sicilian capital Palermo and of being promoted to lead the whole crime group in May.

One prominent mafioso the police have been unable to capture is Matteo Messina Denaro, nicknamed “Diabolik.” He has been on the run since 1993 and comes from the province of Trapani in western Sicily.

US charges Honduran president's brother with cocaine trafficking

Juan Antonio Hernandez, the brother of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez, has been charged with conspiring to import cocaine into the US, weapons offenses and making false statements. He was arrested in Miami on Friday, and appeared in federal court today. Prosecutors say Hernandez was a large-scale drug trafficker who worked from 2004 to 2016 with other drug traffickers in Colombia, Honduras and Mexico.
Honduran officials have been busted regularly in recent years. In 2017, Fabio Lobo, son of former Honduran President Porfirio Lobo, was sentenced to 24 years in a US prison for conspiring to smuggle cocaine. Also last year a US judge sentenced Yani Rosenthal, a two-time former presidential candidate and an ex-congressman from Honduras, to three years in prison for laundering drug proceeds from the Cachiros cartel.

Mexican drug lord, Beltran Leyva, dead at 56 of cardiac arrest

Hector Beltran Leyva, a Mexican drug lord whose cartel earned a reputation as one of the country’s most ruthless, died late on Sunday in hospital of cardiac arrest after being transferred from jail with chest pain.

Beltran Leyva had been incarcerated since March 2, 2016 in Federal Prison Number 1, a maximum security facility in central Altiplano, Mexico. The Beltran Leyva cartel’s boss became infamous for the bloody turf war waged with their former ally, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Hells Angels bell ringers banned - Salvation Army

“Aryan” patches worn by bell-ringing volunteers in Valparaiso do not match Salvation Army values, officials from the charity said. Images of bell ringers sporting patches on leather jackets outside the Valparaiso Walmart went viral on social media.

Members of a local Hells Angels mc violated the charitable organization's dress code and would not be allowed to do bell ringing in the future. Images shared on Facebook show men with leather jackets, one with a patch reading "Aryan" and another with a Confederate flag patch ringing the bell Friday for the Salvation Army. The bell ringers in question were confirmed to be members of the Hells Angels Northwest Indiana Region Motorcycle Club.
The bikers confirmed that the Salvation Army had canceled another bell-ringing event the club had scheduled.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Adsense class action payout of $ 11m extended to December

Adsense/Google have entered into a settlement for those publishers who had their earnings taken between May 20, 2010 and to May 7, 2018. It has been estimated as many as 200,000 Americans and 20,000 Canadians could be entitled to claim their stolen money back. The final date has been extended to February with the final date for claims December 17th. AdSense/Google was accused of breach of contract, that it improperly withheld unpaid amounts, and breached the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing with it's customers.
The lawsuit was filed in May 2014 by a company known as Free Range Content.

It was preceded by an anonymous employee whistle blower allegation that Adsense/Google had internal policies to take earnings by banning publishers even if they had done nothing wrong.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Italian authorities seize more than €1.5bn of Mafia Assets

Italian authorities seized €1.5bn in assets linked to the Cosa Nostra mafia. The Directorate of Anti-Mafia Investigations seized real estate and tourism properties - resorts, golf clubs and ships - belonging to the heirs of late mafia boss Carmelo Patti. He died in January 2016 at the age of 81.

Heir Matteo Messina Denaro, 56, is the mob boss of the Sicilian mafia Cosa Nostra and has been wanted by Italian authorities since 1993. He is accused in a bomb plot that killed 10 people in Florence and Milan.

Denaro is among the ten most wanted criminals in the world. With the deaths of Bernardo Provenzano in 2016 and Salvatore Riina in 2017, Denaro is seen as the unchallenged boss of all bosses within the Italian mafia.

Gangster Jody Archie York walks on brutal golf club assault

Independent Soldier Jody Archie York, 43, was facing one count of aggravated assault following an August incident near Monte Lake in which he allegedly beat another man with a golf club. The victim was sent to hospital with serious injuries.