Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Final sentences in Project Forseti

Nagy must also pay the court $30,000 deemed proceeds of crime. Project Forseti led to police raids in 19 locations in seven cities. Officers seized $8 million worth of methamphetamine, cocaine and fentanyl, and convicted 20 suspects, many who were members of the Fallen Saints MC. Daryl Nagy's lawyer says the 29-year-old cocaine dealer "got in over his head, real fast." Nagy pleaded guilty to trafficking cocaine and was sentenced to four years in prison.
Adam Harada’s charges originated in Saskatoon. They were transferred to Vancouver, where he pleaded guilty to conspiring to traffic, trafficking and possessing the proceeds of crime.

Harada was sentenced to eight years on the conspiracy charge, eight years concurrent on the trafficking charge and two years concurrent on the proceeds charge.
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